DO you test on animals?
Short and simple... no

We only test our luxuries on humans not our fellow fur babies. We love animals and it is very important to us to stay cruelty free.

Did you know it is illegal in the UK and Europe to test finished products on animals and we don't do it. We will not and have not registered our products for sell in mainland China, as animal testing is required by local authorities. Although we aren't certified with cruelty-free international (previously BUAV) we do follow the practices and assure you we will NEVER test on animals.
Where is Aphrodyte based?
In the beautiful historic city of Chester in a small humble workshop situated 10 minutes from the roman gardens.
Are your products safe for pregnancy?
Our products are fragranced with essential oils and fine fragrance oils. Certain essential oils are not advised during pregnancy. We always suggest seeking advice from your medical advisor (GP, family planing centre or midwife) before using products containing essential oils.

Please also refer to NHS or Oils4Life for essential oil advice for an overview off essential oil use during pregnancy.

Cosmetic Product Safety Certified and comply with EU regulations.
CLP compliant